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Rising energy prices, climate change or personal conviction − there are many drivers to switch to renewable energies. The classic among them is solar heating. The technology is proven, safe and economical.

Top Performance With Anti−Reflection Glass and LASER Fused Absorber

Solar heating pays

Unaffected by rising gas, oil or power prices, solar heating equips your system for the future. More than 30 years of constant development and our own production ensure the high performance and economy of our installations.

Diverse applications

For collectors, storage cylinders or entire solar systems, we supply from single collector plate to full package including solar cylinder for all your water heating requirements. With our large technical support in Germany, we also specialise in customising and designing large installations.

Made−to−measure dimensioning − at no extra cost

The main reason why installers choose to work with Wagner Solar is our bespoke system dimensioning service which we offer at no additional cost. Solar thermal systems will remain on your roofs for many years, so it is critical that your system is scoped and installed correctly so it sustains optimum performance whilst withstanding unexpected extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow or wind. Our expert sales team will dimension your system statically, as part of their standard service, whilst offering you the most competitively priced products on the market.

High performance collector

Our EURO L20 AR high performance collector is fitted with sunarc anti−reflective glass, delivering 6−10% higher solar yields. Manufactured at our fully automated and just−in−time production line in Germany, we have reliable and quick supply.


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